Preventing burnout: Ayurvedic ways to relieve stress

Leaving work right now? No, there's still too much to do. Eating in peace? Maybe I’ll do that at the weekend. Sufficient sleep? No time, coffee works just as well. Meditating or exercising in the morning? Sounds good, but currently I'm too tense for that. Reducing...

Seed cycling from the perspective of Ayurveda – Harmonizing the female cycle with seeds

We live in a time when women of all ages are increasingly turning to natural methods to maintain their hormonal balance. At the same time, an increase in hormonal imbalances can be seen across all age groups. One of the nutritional trends that has become prevalent in...

Loosing weight with Ayurveda – long-term, easy and individualized

Does your scale show a few pounds too much? Do you no longer feel good in your skin? You are certainly not alone in this, because being overweight is one of the most common health problems in western industrialized nations. Maybe you've already tried a diet or a...

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Ayurveda in Italy

Ayurveda in Italy

Dr. Antonio Morandi is the director of an Ayurvedic institute in Milan. The 55-year-old neurologist specialized in Ayurveda fourteen years ago. Dr. Antonio Morandi is married and has a son. Dr. Morandi, how did you come to Ayurveda? I worked for many years as a...

Ayurveda in Greece

Ayurveda in Greece

Sophia Papadopoulou, born in Thessaloniki, studied Chemistry at the "Aristotle University of Thessaloniki". Since 1995 she represents the company "Himalaya" in Greece and in 2005 she founded the "Greek Institute of Ayurveda" (EL.E.M.E.A.). She is one of the most...

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