The harsh, cold and dry qualities that prevail in autumn can drain us and cool us down too much. The body loses elasticity, warmth and inner stability. To counteract this, eat food with balancing properties: warm, liquid, soft and oily.

On cold autumn days, a warm, spiced porridge is the ideal start to the day. It warms, gives strength and stability and hardly burdens our digestive fire Agni, which burns only on a low flame in the morning. A creamy porridge with suitable spices is easier to metabolise. Agni can better generate the full power from cooked food in the morning and thus provide us with good energy for the day. Try it out!


Ingredients (for 2 persons):

1 tbsp ghee – 1 level tsp each cinnamon and cardamom, ground – ½ tsp cloves, ground – ¼ tsp each turmeric and ginger, ground – 1 pinch pippali, trikatu or black pepper – 1 star anise, whole – 1 cup oatmeal – 6 dates chopped or a handful of sultanas – 12 nuts, roughly chopped – ½ banana, sliced – ½ apple, cut into small pieces or grated – 3 cups water – 1 pinch salt -…
1 tablespoon sweetness

Heat the ghee in a small pot, add all the spices and fry lightly. Add the oat flakes and nuts and fry. Then pour in the water, stir and simmer for three to five minutes. For the last five minutes, add fruit and stir. Then turn off the heat and let the porridge simmer until the liquid is absorbed. It should be creamy. Add the pinch of salt at the end so that all six flavours are included. Sweeten to taste, serve warm and enjoy.

Enjoy your meal!