Media Data 2021

The “Journal for a Healthier Life”, published four times a year, is aimed at readers who are looking for carefully researched and clearly presented knowledge about what is probably the oldest traditional healing art: Indian Ayurveda with its more than 5,000 years of tradition. The target group includes interested lay people and patients, but also professionals in the healing professions: Therapists, alternative practitioners, doctors, nutritionists, yoga teachers and others. On its 70 pages, the magazine provides basic knowledge about the teachings of Ayurveda, but mainly information and tips with a high utility value: for example, about beauty and weight loss cures with Ayurveda, about Ayurvedic therapy approaches for common diseases such as diabetes or neurodermatitis, about the Ayurvedic effects of spices or the therapeutic benefits of a close connection between yoga and Ayurveda. Read more in our media data…..