The birth of a human being is certainly one of the most wonderful moments in life. The soul begins its life’s journey on earth and we – especially as parents – are allowed to accompany it and, especially in the first years of life, to give it help for the most comprehensive development possible. The nature that the new earth citizen brings with him can be so diverse, and one can also be amazed again and again how different children of one and the same family are.

The moment of birth

This can be explained on the basis of the moment of birth, which determines the individuality of every human being in a special way. The connection between man and cosmos is there from the beginning, the great cosmos with its celestial bodies and regularities corresponds to the inner cosmos of man.
The analysis of the personality profile on the basis of cosmic connections will help us with its clear and supportive insights to illuminate the path of life for our children. Vedic astrology uses for this purpose the Sanskrit word Jyotish, which means the best of light or the light of consciousness and illuminates past, present and future.

Man is cosmic by nature

In Jyotish we use this knowledge: As in the big so in the small! Every person has “his Mars” as a symbol of his energy or “his Venus”, which gives clues to the creative potential and artistic abilities.

The human being is cosmic by nature. As in the macrocosm so in the microcosm. All the predispositions for unfolding in the course of his life are contained in the moment of birth, similar to the way in which the predisposition of the whole plant is contained in a seed. For 17 years I have had the good fortune to be able to illuminate this special moment of birth. In the meantime, I use the APA personality profile with life focuses (APA – Authentic Parashara Astrology), which is so comprehensive that it can truly reflect the uniqueness of the human being. In this way, parents can also use this knowledge to support their children in the development of their aptitudes and, for example, give the necessary offers for learning and developing skills at the right time.

The naming

It is worthwhile to include Vedic astrology already in the naming process, because it knows syllables for the name of the newborn child. As we know, sounds have effects and depending on the individual lunar position of the person, there are syllables that have a strengthening effect on the physiology. For one person the name should rather begin with To, for another with Li, etc., the right, life-enhancing sound has a good effect on the nervous system.

How often we suspect what is good for us or our children. Yet we may be full of doubts as to whether it is the right thing to do. Even in sometimes seemingly hopeless situations, which may involve the whole family, the realization of a person’s personality profile helps us to give a new direction to the path of life.

From experience

Some time ago, a mother called me quite desperate. Her son, who is now 20 years old, had already prematurely dropped out of 2 training programs. He had not been able to make friends at all with the training courses – which were well meant by his parents – and was totally listless; there was a big crisis at home. The son wanted to work in the social sector, which was not common in the family (business people). Doubts about the son’s recent desires caused the mother to call me. A detailed analysis of his birth chart based on the APA personality profile I had learned from him showed that he could do well in social work and that in the long term there were good development opportunities for him in this professional field. Now, one year later, I received a grateful letter: the son is happy in his education, which he unexpectedly could start immediately. His parents are very supportive. His previous lack of drive has dissipated.

Of course, we would like to know not only the good tendencies for the child’s progress with the help of the birth chart, but also to mitigate or intercept unfavorable tendencies created by the moment of birth. Through the knowledge gained from the horocope, we can also help here, according to the motto of Vedic Astrology: Avoid the danger before it arises. Also with regard to health or disease risks, we find the APA personality profile a good way to illuminate basic predispositions. This can give clues to behavior, sports or eating habits, etc. that are especially important for your child.

In connection with Ayurveda, we can thus give special support to the respective child so that diseases do not develop and predispositions are respected. Jyotish gives us a good basis to recognize the cosmic nature of man at any time of his life and to illuminate the whole path of life.

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